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5 special places for a picnic on Lake Garda

The guide for a perfect picnic on the lake.

Only you two, a blanket, a basket full of delicacies for lunch and the stillness of nature. So light and refreshing, a summer picnic during a weekend on Lake Garda, with its always pleasant temperatures and its breathtaking views. But do you know the most beautiful and evocative places to organize a picnic? We will gladly guide you in discovering the best places with picnic area on Lake Garda.

And not only that, if you want, we will also prepare a basket for your picnic too: this way you will just have to reach the place of your choice and enjoy your day out without any worries.

Busatte Park

Picnic between adrenaline and the peace of nature

At the foot of Mount “Baldo” and above the lake, park “Busatte” offers 3000 square meters of pure emotion: panoramic paths for both trekking and mtb, adventure paths for children among the trees, mtb tracks and, of course, beautiful green areas in the shades, just perfect for a picnic outdoor with a view on the lake. An area in the heart of nature of Lake Garda among olive trees, the mountains and bodies of water, just 6 minutes by car and 25 by foot away from our hotel.

Perfect for a relaxed picnic, with amusement options for both adults and children.

Molina di Ledro

A picnic between the beach and pile-dwelling Unesco

World Heritage site Lake “Ledro” is famous all around the world for its spectacular pile-dwelling, Lake “Ledro” is surely the ideal spot for picnics and outdoor activities during the summer.

Everything from horse riding, trekking, mountain bike and beaches equipped for lunches and dinners in the nature. In particular, for your picnic, we suggest you to visit “Molina di Ledro” and beach “spiaggia di Mezzolago”: a location that ,with its 660 meters above sea level, offers the perfect temperature even on the hottest days as well as tables and chairs, a playground for children, fountains, parking and all useful services you might need. The beach can be reached in just 20 minutes by car from our hotel and has a large parking lot where you can comfortably leave your car.

Perfect for a refreshing picnic.

Grotta Varone

A picnic among waterfalls and botanical gardens

Water and rocks with waterfalls of almost 100 meters, alternating with a botanical garden, panoramic hiking trails and green picnic areas. A suggestive location for an original picnic immersed, literally, in the power of nature. “Parco Grotta Cascata di Varone“ is only 10 minutes away from Gotì Hotel by car: close by and easy to reach, it’s the ideal for an alternative picnic.


Picnic between lake and cliff

One of the most desirable cliffs in northern Italy, with more than 150 climbing routes, forest trails for relaxing walks and a beautiful picnic area surrounded by a gorgeous olive grove, overlooking Lake Garda. The area is equipped with wooden tables, barbecue stations, toilet, water and parking lot. This area has all the facilities you might need for a comfortable picnic.

It should be noted that Massone can be reached in just 9 minutes from our hotel by car and is located near Arco, a beautiful city with a panoramic castle, which we warmly recommend visiting. Perfect to forget stress and routine and let yourself relax thanks to the beauty of the Lake and the mountains.

Freedom in nature

Freer and less equipped picnic

We have some useful advice for you too.

If you want a freer picnic and you don’t need equipped areas, we suggest you to visit some beautiful beaches such as the blue bay in Torbole or “Porfina”, the area of Punta Lido near the center of Riva, or even the whole green area of Monte Brione. You will find beautiful and panoramic corners where you can spread out your blanket and enjoy a relaxed and panoramic packed lunch.

And now that you know where to organize a wonderful picnic during your holidays, just choose the place you prefer, book your gourmet basket at the reception and go! Direction: the most beautiful picnic on the Lake you will never forget.

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