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Autumn on Lake Garda

Close your eyes and imagine yourself here, immersed in a thousand shades of orange reflected in the celestial waters of the lake, with a sparkling breeze blowing on your face and all around a peace and quiet that you have never experienced.

Lake Garda during autumn is this and much more: a place that always offers spectacular views and an atmosphere difficult to find in other seasons. Wonder of nature that you can live as a protagonist through the many activities that Alto Garda valley offers during the autumn.

Discover now our suggestions for unique activities on Lake Garda during autumn.

Seeing the autumn foliage

One of the most popular activities in October and November is to explore the woods around lake Garda, discover hidden glimpses and views where you can admire and photograph the foliage of Lake Garda.
The explosion of warm and amber colors when everything around begins to get fresher is pure poetry. And if you want to play it safe and take some really suggestive shots, here we give you some suggestions for the most characteristic places to see the foliage from

- Castagneti di Brentonico

- Val di Fumo

- Lago di Tovel

- Sentiero del Ponale

- Bocca di Trat

An event that you really should not miss this year

Boat tour

Another experience that we recommend trying out during your autumn holiday on Lake Garda is a boat tour. An Original alternative way to admire and experience the lake from another perspective by enjoying the games of light and colors typical of this season.
We organize exclusive boat trips from Torbole that you can choose to share with those you love, maybe at sunset for a special occasion or with a group of friends. This is an activity that is always appreciated by our guests. Ask for more information here.

Bike tours

One of the best times of the year to enjoy cycling on Lake Garda is autumn.
Less crowd, perfect temperatures, cycling routes with spectacular colors and suited for all your needs. You can choose from many bike itineraries: panoramic, historical, cultural, perfect to discover villages and castles. In this article you will find the three most beautiful and characteristic itineraries of the area, you just have to choose one and start cycling!

Olive harvest and oil tasting

A tasting of the typical Garda oil cannot be missed during your holiday on Lake Garda. Autumn is exactly the time when olives are harvested and squeezed in order make our tasty “green gold” and some estates allow you to participate in these production stages and then directly taste the Garda olive oil.
A small curiosity: the olive groves of our areas are located at the most extreme latitude in the world for this type of product, the 46# parallel, which is an oasis with a unique climate, where the Alpine currents are combined with the Mediterranean ones. The result is an interesting olive oil to try.

Picnic with lake view

Admire the landscapes of Lake Garda in a slow and relaxed way, enjoying the typical products of Alto Garda. Have you ever thought about planning a picnic on the lake during autumn? As you can imagine, there are suggestive and well-equipped places where you can spend a day immersed in nature and its magical autumn colors. You can choose the classic green park or go for something more original like “Massone” with its cliffs or “Grotta Varone” with its waterfalls. Again, you just have to choose the destination you prefer, we will prepare the picnic basket for you and your itinerant autumn lunch can begin!

Lakeside promenade with sailing boat races

Autumn, quiet and lakeside walk. Among the activities that cannot be missed in autumn on Lake Garda, there is also a nice walk through the pedestrian path that leads from Torbole to Riva, always accompanied by the lake and the music of nature. In the months of October and November, you can also watch some of the most spectacular and evocative regattas of the year: hundreds of colorful sails from all over the world descend into the waters of the lake to compete and give the audience great emotions.

Autumn on the lake awaits you with many activities and initiatives. Do not miss the opportunity to live Torbole in one of the seasons in which it expresses all its magic.

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